What our clients have to say about BloomTree Realty

Reviews of BloomTree Realty Real Estate Agents

At BloomTree Realty outstanding customer care is everything.  We've aligned our entire company around providing the absolute highest possible level of service to our clients, and we are constantly monitoring how our agents are performing.  

We are not your average-run-of-the-mill real estate brokerage, and as such we don't aim for average when it comes to client happiness.   We hire the best agents we are able to find, and we invest heavily in providing them with the best support, education, tools, and work environment to allow them to focus on taking care of #1.  You.

Understanding our client’s experience with BloomTree is crucial to our ability to constantly improve, which is why we use a neutral third-party company to monitor and track our performance.  Requests are sent to every client, for every agent, from every closing, with both buyers and sellers included.

We're proud to share the most recent feedback below. 

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