Why we do what we do - short and sweet

Roots of BloomTree Realty

We're very proud of what we're building here with BloomTree Realty! 

We're home grown in Prescott Arizona.  When we were faced with the need to leave our old franchise company behind we had basically three choices.  We could join another franchise company, start our own, or we could go independent.  The only way that we saw to be able to move forward and do business the way that we think is the right way for real estate in today's world was to start from scratch so we built BloomTree from the ground up, and we're continuing to evolve as our company grows.

The real estate world has changed drastically in the last several years.  The financial state of the country, changes in technology, the shift in consumer needs in the web 3.0 world, and the evolution of what being a real estate agent means.  When you combine all of these, it's almost a different business entirely than it used to be, but the fact is that most real estate companies have not changed.  

We believe that everything is about our clients and our community.   It doesn't matter whether it's real estate or selling coffee.  If you don't take care of your customer, they don't come back.  Our reputation isn't what we say it is.  It's what YOU say it is.  To do the absolute best job for our clients, we have to have the best agents.  Period.  

Having the best agents means that in effect we have two different "customers".  We have our home buyers and sellers, of course, but we also have to serve our agents like our customer as well.  We have to do right by them for them to do right by you.  You wouldn't want to go to a restaurant or a bank where the staff is poorly trained and doesn't have the tools they need to do their job, would you?  We don't think you should have to work with agents who aren't equipped to do their best work, either.  So, when you see us talking about all the things that we do for our agents, as much as we are doing it for our agents we're doing it because we believe that it's best for you too.

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